Could prefab cabins help solve Haiti's housing crisis?


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Prefab Cabins built in Florida

There is an obvious need to address the housing shortage due to the earthquake, but there is also an issue related to improving the overall system of construction which is linked to incremental development. Building wooden structures in Florida and shipping them to Haiti does not create local employment not provide access to materials that people can use in an incremental fashion over time. Perhaps the emphasis should be placed on creating innovative components that can be introduced into the general building community and eventually produced in Haiti. My interest has grown for developing a SIP type floor panel that could provide insulation for a one story house with tin roof and then serve as the floor for an upper unit. Putting in a reinforced concrete ceiling/second floor is expensive, requires a great deal of form work and may be psychologically disturbing to inhabitants given the results of the recent earthquake.

Posted by Jerry Erbach on Sun, 06/03/2012 - 16:05
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