Background Information on Haiti

Medical and Public Health

Relief and Response

Earthquake Figures and Facts

  • 200,000 dead; 1.5 million homeless; 75% of Port-au-Prince estimated requires rebuilding
  • Up to 97% of the city’s schools destoyed NY Times
  • 80% of major destruction in Port-au-Prince; 180 government buildings destroyed; 200 million cubic yards of debris needing to be removed
    Washington Post
  • $3 billion estimate for rebuilding Port-au-Prince Miami Herald
  • Aftershock sequence of the 7.0M earthquake that struck January 12, will continue for months, if not years
  • Map of earthquake and aftershocks USGS
  • 400,000 to be resettled outside Port-au-Prince
  • 1.5 million homeless BBC
  • 1 in 10 homes in Port-au-Prince destroyed BBC
  • IRIS Haiti Earthquake (PDF)
  • Jackson School of Geosciences, UT, Austin Seismology of Haiti Earthquake
  • Strike-slip fault caused the earthquake
  • Assessment of Aftershock Hazards in HaitiUSGS
  • Four dozen aftershocks USGS list
  • 7.0M earthquake hits Haiti January 12 USGS Report
  • Talking About Haiti

  • The Haiti X Change Blogs, forums, about Haiti and anything Haitian
  • Fireside InternationalVideo Blogging "ground truth" from Haiti
  • HANDS Across HaitiHaiti relief Ning targeting small ngos in Haiti
  • The New Haiti ProjectWeb 2.0 for Haiti
  • Transforming and Rebuilding Haiti

  • Seeds for Haiti: Food sense for Haiti
  • New Range Power: Green Technology and Renewable Energy
  • PAPDA: Haitian Platform to Advocate Alternative Development
  • Haiti ReWired: Collaborative solutions for Haiti
  • Mapping, GIS, Remote Sensing

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