Mission Critical Gaps Identified

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Foundations for the Establishment of Haiti Race to Resilience
Shared Mission Communities

The Race to Resilience is a public/private consortium that can rapidly engage collaborations of civil society and governmental rapid response teams to address actions steps under mission critical gaps. We use intelligent social networks to rapidly assemble task-oriented mission-driven teams under broader collaborative Shared Mission Communities.

The top ten mission critical gaps that the Haiti Race to Resilience is currently looking at are as follows:


Health Facilities Situational Awareness

MSG 2: IDP Health and Human Security Assessment

IDP and population reports

MSG 3: Interoperability Assessment

MSG 4: Supply Chain Management

MSG 5: Public Health Control

MSG 6: Shelter

MSG 7: Communications and Information Sharing

MSG 8: Health and Human Security Services for IDPs

MSG 9: New Facilities Development

MSG 10: Transportation

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