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UN Rolls Out Aid Package for Cholera-Hit Haiti

Haiti's cholera epidemic started in 2010 and has and killed more than 10,000 people and affected 700,000. AFP/File / by André VIOLLAZ

submitted by Mike Perrett - AFP - by André VIOLLAZ - September 29, 2016

UNITED NATIONS (UNITED STATES) (AFP) - The United Nations will mobilize $181 million to shore up the emergency response to the cholera epidemic in Haiti and at least an equal amount for the victims and their families, a senior UN official says.

The Horror of Zika in Haiti

Claudy (Photo by Karen Bultje) - - by John Carroll, MD - July 6, 2016

Haiti - Health : Status and Functioning of the Health System - July 9, 2014

The west's peanut butter bias chokes Haiti's attempts to feed itself

Image: Haitian children are checked by health agents for signs of malnutrition. Photograph: MFK - July 10th, 2014 - Rashmee Roshan Lall

Bedline is 17 months and weighs just 5.3kg. She lies feverish and quiet in her grandmother's arms, eyes glazed, her pale blue nylon frock hanging off thin shoulders.

Hard to Breathe

Image: “The worst readings are near heavy traffic areas and often where displaced people are living in camps,” says Mary Davis. Photo: Ann Rappaport - April 23rd, 2014 - Gail Bambrick

Air pollution in the island nation of Haiti can reach levels considered hazardous by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, according to recent findings by Tufts researchers.

Social Suffering in Soleil

Baby Boy (Photo by John Carroll) - by John A. Carroll, MD - - February 13, 2014

. . So what happened here? Didn’t you hear that things are going much better in Haiti now? I read it in the news. . .

We won’t be able to go to Soleil tomorrow. Too much shooting. Gangs against gangs and then the police come and shoot too. My driver Djongo does not play. He grew up in Soleil.

UN Emergency Fund Allocates Extra $1.5 Million for Cholera Response in Haiti

At a camp for displaced persons in Port au Prince, Haiti, residents get bleach and water purification tablets which are used in cholera prevention. Photo: UN/MINUSTAH/Logan Abassi

18 July 2013 – The United Nations emergency relief fund will allocate an additional $1.5 million to the cholera response in Haiti, at a time when cases are set to rise due to the rainy season.

Evolutionary Dynamics of Vibrio Cholerae O1 Following a Single-Source Introduction to Haiti - July 2, 2013


Prior to the epidemic that emerged in Haiti in October of 2010, cholera had not been documented in this country. After its introduction, a strain of Vibrio cholerae O1 spread rapidly throughout Haiti, where it caused over 600,000 cases of disease and >7,500 deaths in the first two years of the epidemic.

NHAHA March-April Health Updates Newsletter

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The mission of the Haitian Health Alliance (HHA) is to improve the health and welfare of Haitians by enhancing communication, promoting and facilitating collaborative projects and fostering cooperative relationships among similar organizations through coordinated resource and information sharing, advocacy, capacity building and education.


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