REDD and Smits Model Reforestation

Image: In 2002, Willie Smits began restoring this tropical rainforest, degraded by timber piracy and agricultural burning, to its natural state. Six years later, the European Space Agency documented increased cloud cover, increased rainfall, and moderated temperatures over this restored ecosystem. In 2010, insects and birds not seen in 20 years began returning to this forest.

submitted by Jean Woolridge - January, 2011 - Eric Rasmussen

Climate alterations are already making several areas of the globe increasingly inhospitable to continued human occupation, and environmental refugees are becoming a measurable fraction of the world’s displaced populations. Despite the clarity of the data, mitigation strategies around climate change have been difficult to implement. At the same time, climate research over the last decade has revealed unexpected and potentially rewarding opportunities to improve the circumstances of some of the world’s most vulnerable people.


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