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Haiti's 'Baby Doc' Duvalier Dies At 63

Image: Former Haitian president Jean-Claude Duvalier "Baby Doc" has died at age 63. He returned from exile in 2011. - October 4th, 2014 - Bill Chappell

Jean-Claude Duvalier, the former Haitian dictator nicknamed "Baby Doc" after he succeeded his father in ruling the country, has died. Duvalier was the president of Haiti from 1971 to 1986, a brutal regime that ended in his exile. He returned to the country in 2011.

EU pledges €532m for Haiti reconstruction - September 17th, 2013

The European Union (EU) has committed 532 million Euros to aid the reconstruction of Haiti after its earthquake in 2010. Between the 10th and 11th European Development Funds (EDF), 112 million Euros and 420 million were donated to Haiti. The funds will be put toward modernization efforts in Haiti, including finance, state reform, security operations and education, specifically free primary education for children.
This funding from the EU was discussed with European Commissioner for Development Andris Piebalgs on Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamotheʼs recent visit to Europe over the past weekend. The allocation of the 112 million Euros will take effect after the United Nations General Assembly, which meets in the United States later in September.


Haiti Holds First Meeting of New Committee on Foreign Aid

Above: Haiti Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe and President Michel Martelly (Photo: OP Haiti) - May 13, 2013

Haiti and its international donors held the first-ever meeting of the new Committee on Coordination of External Aid for the Development of Haiti, an initiative the government said would communicate reconstruction funding “more effectively.”

Tweet - Haiti Commits National Budget Funds for Resilience - by Kristalina Georgieva - April 18, 2013

#Haiti commits nat budget funds for #resilience. "All Dev wasted if no resilience to disasters"

Tetra Tech Awarded $19.7 Million USAID Haiti Local Governance Program - February 28, 2013

Tetra Tech, Inc. (NASDAQ: TTEK) announced today that it has been awarded a $19.7 million five-year, single-award contract to provide technical support for local governance programs in Haiti for the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). Under this contract, USAID seeks to increase the capacity of Haitian local governments to deliver public services, including clean water, sanitation, and energy.

Importantly, the program will increase revenues accruing to local governments to ensure that their services are sustainable in the long term.

Haiti Seeks to Raise 'Sin Tax' for Education Fund

October 8, 2012- Haiti Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe met with The Miami Herald Editorial Board on Monday morning. He discussed efforts to continue rebuilding after the devastating January 2012 earthquake plus new initiatives to improve education, modernize Haiti's infrastructure and to attract and grow businesses.
C.W. Griffin / Miami Herald Staff

submitted by Susan Steinhauser - by Jacqueline Charles - October 8, 2012

Embassy Row: Unrest in Haiti - Protesters Demonstrating Against Sharp Rise in Food Prices

The Washington Times - by James Morrison - October 7, 2012

U.S. Ambassador Pamela White was personally exposed to the violent unrest that has swept Haiti for months when she accompanied President Michel Martelly to a coastal town to dedicate a new road financed by U.S. aid funds.

National police fired tear gas and used billy clubs to break up a group of angry demonstrators who tried to stop Mrs. White and Mr. Martelly from attending the ceremony in Petit-Goave, about 43 miles southwest of the capital, Port-au-Prince.

Palace in Haiti, Damaged by Quake, Is Being Razed

The National Palace in Port-au-Prince, which has become a symbol of the stalled recovery, shown a week after an earthquake hit Haiti on Jan. 12, 2010. Michael Appleton for The New York Times - by Randal C. Archibold - September 13, 2012

MEXICO CITY — Armed mobs have marched on it. Desperate presidents have fled it. Crowds have partied outside its majestic gates.

Could You Be a Mutuals Ambassador?

The Cabinet Office is setting up a Mutuals Ambassadors Programme designed to drive forward the creation and growth of mutuals on the ground.

We want to find 20 of the most inspiring individuals in the public service mutual movement - we need people who are proactive and committed.

They will be from a diverse range of skills and experience, some in the late stages of setting up a mutual, running one, in organisations that aim to assist those who wish to mutualise, or those with commercial skills who are committed to the agenda.

The New Haiti Government

Lamothe forme son cabinet et présente sa politique générale

Après des adieux solennels aux dix Sénateurs sortants, la tenue de la séance de ratification était confrontée à une vive controverse sur le respect des règlements intérieurs de l’assemblée prévoyant le dépôt du document de la déclaration de politique générale 48 heures avant la séance

Mardi 8 mai 2012

Ministers and (Almost) Ministers

by EDLOZ - - May 9, 2012

Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe’s political agenda and cabinet were approved by the Senate by a unanimous vote of the 20 Senators present at the time of the vote. However, the list of Ministers presented to the Senate last night was different from the list published earlier in the media including this blog. While some Ministers were retained and others were named, there are a few that fall into the category of ALMOST but not quiet Ministers.


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