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Hurricane Matthew - Information Resources


OCHA - Haiti / Cuba - Hurricane Matthew - Situation Report - 7 October 2016 (6 page .PDF report)

Hurricane Matthew Death Toll Passes 800 In Haiti, Cholera Takes Lives

PAHO Responds to Hurricane Matthew Emergency in Caribbean, prepares for cholera upsurge in Haiti

Hurricane Matthew - Update from Vodrey in Cite Soleil

submitted by Sam Bloch

Here is an update from Vodrey specifically and other Cite Soleil updates can be found at,

The zone of Vodrey in Cite Soleil has suffered severe damage. The Grey River breached its banks early this morning, causing massive floods in the area.

The Horror of Zika in Haiti

Claudy (Photo by Karen Bultje) - blogs.pjstar.com - by John Carroll, MD - July 6, 2016

Refugee Camps in Anse-a-Pitres (September 19, 2015)

Refugee Camp, Anse-a-Pitres (Photo by John Carroll–September 19, 2015)

blogs.pjstar.com - by John A. Carroll, MD - September 19, 2015

. . . There is a grave human rights violation occurring on the Haitian-Dominican border right now. People I have visited in the refugee camps just outside of Anse-a-Pitres, Haiti are being treated like animals. Many of these folks have told me that no one cares about them. And they are right.

OCHA - Humanitarian Kiosk

The Humanitarian Kiosk (H.Kiosk) application provides a range of up-to-the-minute humanitarian related information from emergencies around the world.

OCHA now offers a Humanitarian Kiosk app for Apple devices (iOS5+).

unocha.org - March 21, 2013

What is Humanitarian Kiosk?

Hurricane Sandy: Haiti in emergency aid plea as disaster piles upon disaster

Image: Hurricane Sandy hit Haiti last week, compunding more than a year of misery for the 370,000 refugees living in temporary camps. Photograph: Erika Santelices/AFP/Getty

guardian.co.uk - Ocotber 30th, 2012 - Johnathan Watts

Haiti and the United Nations are planning an appeal for emergency aid after Hurricane Sandy killed 54 people and devastated crops last week before going on to hit the United States.

With hundreds of thousands of people still living in tents after the earthquake in 2010, Haiti was hardest hit by the storm. The call for donations follows a 96% drop in financial support for UN humanitarian programmes over the past two years, despite the continued vulnerability of the western hemisphere's poorest country.


Haiti-Floods: At least 10 dead and four missing in Cap-Haitien .. population at bay

Image: Flooding in Haiti.

alterpresse.org - November 10th, 2012 - Wedlyne Jacques

At least 10 people, particularly children, have died in weather recorded on the night of Thursday 8 to Friday, November 9, 2012 in Cap-Haitien (the second largest city in 248 km north of the capital), according to an official tally of the departmental (North) risk management and disaster that has read the online agency AlterPresse.

4 people are missing, while many houses have collapsed, others damaged, according to official statements.

Other sources suggest a greater number of deaths.


For Haitians, Two Dramatic Tales of Hurricane Sandy

Image: Wading through flood waters in Haiti

nhaha.org - November 5th, 2012

Most recently, the National Haitian American Health Alliance held its 9th annual conference, drawing the connection between health and solutions for 21st century Haiti. The irony is not lost on us when families from Haiti started to call us to see how we fared when hurricane Sandy hit New York. Haitian on the island were still reeling from the fury of the same storm the night of October 24.


Global Food Supply - We Need to Plan for System Failure

ethicalcorp.com - by Mallen Baker - October 4, 2012

Mallen Baker argues that it’s irresponsible not to make contingency plans, especially when the potential failures concern the fundamentals – such as food

Imagine your critical business systems depend on one computer server. This server is huge – it has immense capacity – but you have grown into that space and now every single day you are pushing it to its limit. . .

OCHA - Haiti - Humanitarian Bulletin (September 2012)



· Return and resettlement programs continue and contribute significantly to the reduction of the number of displaced persons in the camps

· Cholera - some departments face inadequate infrastructure for the management of new cases.

· Rain destroys 300 houses in Anse-à-Galets

· Crop losses estimated at $84,239,782.84; growing vulnerability of poor households in several departments of the country.

CLICK ON LINK BELOW - OCHA - Haiti - Humanitarian Bulletin (September 2012)

Rethinking Humanitarian Relief: Sourcing Locally Before Disaster Strikes

submitted by Albert Gomez

good.is - by Rosie Spinks - September 6, 2012

When disaster strikes a place like Haiti, Somalia, or Indonesia, the response in the developed world usually follows a similar trajectory: massive aid appeal from local NGOs supported by celebrity faces, a large influx of funds from reliably generous Americans, and an eventual petering out of urgent media coverage in the ensuing weeks.

Haïti-Isaac : Nouveau Bilan Partiel de 19 Morts et 6 Disparus

submitted by Susan Steinhauser


alterpresse.org - August 27, 2012

P-au-P, 27 août 2012 [AlterPresse] --- Dix-neuf morts, six disparus et 22 blessés, tel est le dernier bilan partiel émis par les responsables de la protection civile suite au passage de la tempête tropicale Isaac, dans la nuit du 24 au 25 août, selon les informations recueillies par AlterPresse.

OCHA - Haiti - Tropical Storm Isaac Aftermath

reliefweb.int - OCHA - Situation Report No.03 - August 26, 2012


· The red alert has been lifted by the GoH but the risk of flooding and landslides remains high.

· NFI and food rations were distributed to several thousand people today.

· Thousands of evacuees are being assisted to return to their homes.

· Multi-sectoral assessments ongoing throughout the country.

· Reports of damage to the agriculture sector have increased.

Interview with Nigel Fisher, UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for Haiti

Nigel Fisher, UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for Haiti. UN Photo/JC McIlwaine

UN News Centre - May 3, 2012

While the overall humanitarian situation has improved, funding for relief work has fallen, leading to some concerns about the ability of the humanitarian community to fully provide frontline services for those in need.

PHILIPPINES: Texting Help and Health in Disaster Response

Getting the message out during disasters. Photo: David Swanson/IRIN

submitted by Stuart Leiderman


Surveillance in Post-Extreme Emergencies and Disasters (SPEED) Program

submitted by Stuart Leiderman

Haiti Has Become a Role Model for the Region in Disaster Preparedness

caribbeannewsnow.com - July 21, 2012


. . . The Minister of the Interior, Thierry Mayard-Paul stated, "We must be prepared for future shocks. The DPC has become a model of how to organize communities so that they are better prepared for disaster management. There is growing evidence that building community resilience to disasters is more cost effective than humanitarian response. Evidence shows that for every $1 spent on prevention, $4 less needs to be spent on the response.". . .

Haiti Breaks Ground on Disaster Response Facilities in Miragoâne

Image: Miragoane

caribjournal.com - July 20th, 2012

The new Emergency Operations Centre in Haiti’s Miragoâne broke ground this week, a facility that will include a disaster relief warehouse and a fire station.

The project is the product of a partnership between the governments of Haiti and the United States.

Several Haitian and US officials were on hand for the ceremony, including Consul General of the United States in Haiti Colombia Barrosse, Driector of the Direction of Civil Protection, Alta Jean Baptiste and Miragoane Mayor Joseph Franseau.


Announcing 572: the First Emergency Response System Dedicated to Sexual Violence in Haiti

submitted by Albert Gomez

digital-democracy.org - by Biz Ghormley - September 21, 2011

In one year since CGI commitment, Digital Democracy has trained 150 women and built a database documenting over 400 cases of rape in Haiti.

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