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Understanding the Role of Diaspora Advocacy Coalitions, Non-Governmental Organizations and Networks: A Focus on Haiti's Disasters

submitted by Albert Gomez / Pilar Martin - - August 13, 2012
Sapat, Alka and Esnard, Ann-Margaret, Transboundary Impacts of the 2010 Haiti Earthquake Disaster: Focus on Legal Dilemmas in South Florida (February 20, 2013). Oñati Socio-Legal Series, Vol. 3, No. 2, 2013. Available at SSRN:


bob - Rain Water Bag

 bob™ offers 350 gallons or 1400 liters of water storage
 $75 + S&H per unit provides a dramatic cost savings per liter of water stored over existing water storage products
 Packs small and is easy to transport
 Has a convenient locking water tap
 Provides water right at a household’s doorstep

Video - TEDx - Daniel Schnitzer: Inventing is the Easy Part

A Box Full of Light Saves Lives

Solar panels, lights, and battery chargers. All that's needed to give doctors and patients a chance when the power goes out. Photo/We Care Solar

cbcradio - February 29, 2012

They were in the middle of surgery again when the power went out in the Nigerian operating room.

Luckily, a visiting American doctor had a flashlight.

But Laura Stachel figured there had to be a way around the recurring problem.

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