The mission of this working group is to focus on discussions about education.

Haiti Communitere - Promo Video - Haiti Communitere (HC) is a Haitian based organization that strives for Haitian and International groups to operate as a community, thus increasing capacity and streamlining logistical operations. HC partners operate in a shared overhead environment, thus allowing their focus of operations to remain project based.

Educavision, Inc.

Florida-based Educa Vision Inc. (EVI) designs, develops, publishes, and distributes a broad range of multicultural and multilingual educational materials. The materials are available in several media including books, charts, computer programs, DVD, Inter-active lessons and assessment pieces delivered on the web, on CD Rom.

Their mission is to make a valuable contribution to the body of multicultural and multilingual educational materials, by publishing materials that connect culturally and linguistically to the students, teachers, administrators, service providers and community leaders.


Haiti Seeks to Raise 'Sin Tax' for Education Fund

October 8, 2012- Haiti Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe met with The Miami Herald Editorial Board on Monday morning. He discussed efforts to continue rebuilding after the devastating January 2012 earthquake plus new initiatives to improve education, modernize Haiti's infrastructure and to attract and grow businesses.
C.W. Griffin / Miami Herald Staff

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Caribbean Bee College (3-5 January 2013)

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Thursday, Friday, and Saturday - January 3, 4, 5 2013
St. George's Univeristy - Grenada, West Indies

Haiti - Three Government Emergency Plans Totaling 600 Million Gourdes

(EXCERPT) - - August 4, 2012

Haiti Begins Cash Transfer Social Program

Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe
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PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) — The Haitian government has launched a program that uses mobile phones to transfer cash credits to mothers who keep their children in school.

Haitian Universities Struggle to Rebound

University campuses across Port-au-Prince were rendered unusable by the earthquake two years ago. With the second anniversary of the earthquake approaching, Andrew Downie looks at the state of the local universities in this article for The Chronicle of Higher Education.

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