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UN Rolls Out Aid Package for Cholera-Hit Haiti

Haiti's cholera epidemic started in 2010 and has and killed more than 10,000 people and affected 700,000. AFP/File / by André VIOLLAZ

submitted by Mike Perrett - AFP - by André VIOLLAZ - September 29, 2016

UNITED NATIONS (UNITED STATES) (AFP) - The United Nations will mobilize $181 million to shore up the emergency response to the cholera epidemic in Haiti and at least an equal amount for the victims and their families, a senior UN official says.

Understanding the Role of Diaspora Advocacy Coalitions, Non-Governmental Organizations and Networks: A Focus on Haiti's Disasters

submitted by Albert Gomez / Pilar Martin - - August 13, 2012
Sapat, Alka and Esnard, Ann-Margaret, Transboundary Impacts of the 2010 Haiti Earthquake Disaster: Focus on Legal Dilemmas in South Florida (February 20, 2013). Oñati Socio-Legal Series, Vol. 3, No. 2, 2013. Available at SSRN:


USAID Infrastructure Projects Have Had Mixed Results and Face Sustainability Challenges - June 18, 2013

What GAO Found

Haiti Holds First Meeting of New Committee on Foreign Aid

Above: Haiti Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe and President Michel Martelly (Photo: OP Haiti) - May 13, 2013

Haiti and its international donors held the first-ever meeting of the new Committee on Coordination of External Aid for the Development of Haiti, an initiative the government said would communicate reconstruction funding “more effectively.”

Haiti - Building Resilience - by Justine Greening and Helen Clark - April 20, 2013

The eyes of the world may now be turned elsewhere, but Haiti remains one of the most vulnerable places on earth, battered repeatedly by earthquakes, cyclones, floods, landslides, drought, and epidemics.

Rather than waiting for the next disaster to hit, what can we do now to stop Haiti's susceptibility to these events?

Tweet - Haiti Commits National Budget Funds for Resilience - by Kristalina Georgieva - April 18, 2013

#Haiti commits nat budget funds for #resilience. "All Dev wasted if no resilience to disasters"

Haiti: A Hope, a Promise and an Opportunity - by Dan Glickman - March 15, 2013

Kier Appointed for Key Haiti Reconstruction Project - February 14, 2013

Kier has been awarded the design & build contract for a hotel project in Haiti that is seen as a pivotal scheme in the island’s reconstruction following the devastating earthquake that struck in January 2010.

The 175-bedroom hotel in Port-au-Prince is being financed by mobile phone provider Digicel Group and will be operated by Marriott Hotels & Resorts.

Haiti’s Recovery is Real

Image: Reconstruction efforts in Haiti - January 15th, 2013 - Heraldo Muñoz

Beyond the mountains," according to a well-known Haitian proverb, there are "more mountains." It's an apt line in a country that has faced outsized challenges for as long as anyone can remember, but one that can only begin to describe the trials posed by the catastrophic 7.0 magnitude earthquake, which rocked the half-island nation three years ago. The quake killed more than 200,000 people, displaced 1.5 million, and destroyed some 300,000 buildings. It also inflicted close to $8 billion worth of damage, and destroyed roughly 80 percent of the country's economy.

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Rebuilding in Haiti Lags After Billions in Post-Quake Aid

Vegetable vendors worked recently amid rubble in Port-au-Prince, three years after an earthquake devastated the city. Damon Winter/The New York Times

The New York Times - by Deborah Sontag - December 23, 2012

Situation Report - Vodrey

One of the houses washed away by the river (SEE LINK BELOW FOR ADDITIONAL PHOTOS AND .PDF DOCUMENT)

submitted by Sabina Carlson - October 26, 2012

Update on Damage in Vodrey: Post-Sandy

New Roadmap for NGOs in Haiti Aims to “Weed Out Bad Apples”

The Haitian government and international agencies are ramping up their efforts to relocate the people still living in camps across Haiti after the Jan. 12, 2010 earthquake. A worker clears rubble at a construction site in Port-au-Prince on Sep. 7, 2012. Credit: UN Photo/Logan Abassi

submitted by Ted Kaplan - by Becky Bergdahl

Hope for Haiti - Inter-American Development Bank

submitted by Al Cisneros - May 22, 2012

After the Jan. 12, 2010 earthquake, the IDB pledged to provide Haiti more than $2.2 billion in grants over the next decade to fund its recovery efforts and long-term development plans. The Bank also cancelled all of Haiti’s outstanding debt and converted undisbursed loan balances into grants. Since the earthquake the IDB has approved $442 million in new grants and disbursed close to $355 million for Haiti.


U.S. Government Marks Conclusion of Neighborhood Rehabilitation Project in Port-au-Prince - May 15, 2012

Haiti Communitere

Haiti Communitere Sustainability Resource Center

The Haiti Communitere Sustainability Resource Center (HCSRC) is the collaborative efforts of our partner networks. The HCSRC is a place that fosters creativity and connectivity while inspiring the Haitian and International development efforts.

Haiti: Tents Beyond Tents

Today, on the second anniversary of the earthquake that destroyed much of Port-au-Prince, we publish the first chapter in a 75-page comics journalism project focused on life in Haiti two years after the country was devastated by an earthquake that it is still recovering from. It was written by Pharés Jerome, a reporter for Le Nouvelliste, and drawn by perhaps the most talented comic artist working in Haiti today, Chevelin Pierre.


Oprah's Next Chapter - Life in a Haitian Tent Camp

submitted by Janine Rees

Six days after the 2010 Haiti earthquake, Sean Penn hopped on a plane for what he thought was a two-week relief mission. Two years later, he's still there. Watch as he gives Oprah an inside tour of the tent relief camp run by his organization, J/P HRO, and explains how they are helping the 20,000 Haitians who currently live there to build independence.


UN - Recognizes Clear Link between Emergency Response, Rehabilitation, Development

submitted by Stuart Leiderman

15 July 2010

Economic and Social Council
Department of Public Information • News and Media Division • New York

Economic and Social Council
2010 Substantive Session
35th & 36th Meetings (AM & PM)

Economic and Social Council Adopts Text on Strengthening Humanitarian Assistance,

Recognizes Clear Link between Emergency Response, Rehabilitation, Development

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