Sustainable Communities

The mission of the Sustainable Communities working group is to explore and establish sustainable and resilient solutions in Haitian communities.

Haiti Communitere - Promo Video - Haiti Communitere (HC) is a Haitian based organization that strives for Haitian and International groups to operate as a community, thus increasing capacity and streamlining logistical operations. HC partners operate in a shared overhead environment, thus allowing their focus of operations to remain project based.

Neglected Islanders Resist Plan for Haiti Tourism Revival

Artesia Suprice (C, yellow striped shirt) stands with her family outside their home which is one of dozens that will be expropriated by Haiti's government to make way for an international airport, on Ile-a-Vache island, off Haiti's south coast, March 25, 2014.
REUTERS/stringer - by David Adams - April 6, 2014

Haiti, Unfinished and Forsaken - January 10th, 2014 - The Editorial Board

Four years after the earthquake, Haiti is a fragile, largely forgotten country. It’s possible that some natural or man-made crisis this year could push it back into the headlines. But sustained attention, with the kind of support from outside that Haiti still needs to rebuild and become more self-sufficient, is mostly gone.


Haiti - Building Resilience - by Justine Greening and Helen Clark - April 20, 2013

The eyes of the world may now be turned elsewhere, but Haiti remains one of the most vulnerable places on earth, battered repeatedly by earthquakes, cyclones, floods, landslides, drought, and epidemics.

Rather than waiting for the next disaster to hit, what can we do now to stop Haiti's susceptibility to these events?

Tweet - Haiti Commits National Budget Funds for Resilience - by Kristalina Georgieva - April 18, 2013

#Haiti commits nat budget funds for #resilience. "All Dev wasted if no resilience to disasters"

La Selle Officially Declared Haiti’s First Biosphere Reserve

Above: Cascade Pichon in La Selle (UNESCO Photo: Dieufort Deslorges) - February 26, 2013

During a ceremony that took place in Port au Prince on 20 February 2013, and was honoured by the presence of the Minister of Environment, Mr. Jean Francois Thomas, and the Minister of Education, Mr. Vanneur Pierre, La Selle was officially declared Haiti’s first biosphere reserve.

Social Resilience and State Fragility in Haiti

Image: Report cover

Submitted by Florence Gibert - World Bank

The link below leads to a report on the social resilience and the fragility of the state within Haiti.


4th Annual Sustainable Haiti Conference, April 17-19, 2013 - Miami Conference Center

The 4th annual Sustainable Haiti Conference will take place from April 17th- April 19th, 2013 at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

Sustainable Haiti Conference will consist of dozens of speakers from around the world- Haiti’s largest economic development conference, and remains the largest annual Haiti-specific conference in the world. Since 2010, Sustainable Haiti Conference has hosted hundreds of speakers and attendees on an annual basis.

For more information, go to:

Situation Report - Vodrey

One of the houses washed away by the river (SEE LINK BELOW FOR ADDITIONAL PHOTOS AND .PDF DOCUMENT)

submitted by Sabina Carlson - October 26, 2012

Update on Damage in Vodrey: Post-Sandy

The ‘Avon Ladies’ of Africa

Tine Frank… Living Goods managers explained business opportunities to new recruits in Masaka, Uganda.

submitted by Alisa Keesey

The New York Times
by Tina Rosenberg
October 10, 2012

Taiwan-Built Resettlement Village in Haiti to be Inaugurated

submitted by Stuart Leiderman - by Leaf Chiang, Chen Ching-fang and Jamie Wang

Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Aug. 17 (CNA) A resettlement project in Haiti funded and built by Taiwan to house 1,000 people who lost their homes during a magnitude 7 earthquake in 2010 was set to be inaugurated Saturday, according to the construction firm that built the village.

Video - The Plant: My Beer Feeds Your Fish! - A Former Chicago Meatpacking Plant Becomes a Self-Sustaining Vertical Farm

submitted by Albert Gomez - by Julie Ma - April 23, 2012

Green Industry Platform - Sustainable Innovation Springboard

submitted by Albert Gomez - by Paul Hohnen - May 25, 2012

A new UN public/private partnership hopes to deliver sustainable development by greening manufacturing industry

U.S. Government Marks Conclusion of Neighborhood Rehabilitation Project in Port-au-Prince - May 15, 2012

Pwoje Soley Leve (the Rising Sun Project) – Cite Soleil, Haiti

Project Introduction / The Rising of a City

Lakay de Soley Leve (Home of the Rising Sun) is the architectural component to a community development project in Cite Soleil, Haiti. Pwoje Soley Leve (The Rising Sun Project) arose from a Permaculture Design Course in Port-au-Prince in May of 2011. The magnetism of this project has quickly drawn the interest of individuals and organizations from far reaching corners of the world (Haiti, France, Japan, Portugal and the United States).

CHIBAS Research Center

Haiti Communitere

Haiti Communitere Sustainability Resource Center

The Haiti Communitere Sustainability Resource Center (HCSRC) is the collaborative efforts of our partner networks. The HCSRC is a place that fosters creativity and connectivity while inspiring the Haitian and International development efforts.

New Range Power

submitted by Jerome Peloquin

New Range Power is a global Engineering, Procurement and Construction firm committed to bringing cost effective renewable energy to the world. Our engineers collaborate with the brightest minds on the planet to constantly push the envelope of renewable technology. Opening our minds to future technologies while remembering the lessons of the past, we create robust affordable solutions giving you the competitive edge.

Video - TEDx - Daniel Schnitzer: Inventing is the Easy Part

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