Housing and Shelters

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This forum addresses issues of housing and shelters in Haiti.

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Shelter Issues in the Haiti Resilience System


Thank you. We see the shelter issues as covered under the shelter section of the Haiti Resilience System, rather than in the Haiti MPHISE and HEAS. That said, I am open to them being involved in the Haiti MPHISE (Medical and Public Health Information Sharing Environment). Clearly, better sheltering is a piece of the larger picture of health, resilience, and sustainability. However, we are going to keep our primary focus on taking the top off of the cholera epidemic for now. That said, I have put your comments up in the Haiti Resilience System shelter collaboratory.


Michael D. McDonald, Dr.P.H.
Director, Center for Health Security and Infrastructure
University of Maryland, School of Public Health

Global Health Initiatives, Inc.

Haiti MPHISE http://haiti.mphise.net/

Haiti Resilience System http://www.haitiresiliencesystem.org/
Haiti MPHISE UDOP http://haiti.youdop.org/
Haiti Epidemic Advisory System http://biosurveillance.typepad.com/haiti_operational_biosurv/

Cell: 202-468-7899

HousAll Systems: One Potential Solution in Transition

On Jan 2, 2011, at 11:56 PM, gilbojer@aol.com wrote:

Dear Colleagues,

Today I made contact with Miles Kennedy and Richard Mahoney of HousAll Systems Corp. headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario. Miles is Chairman, Founder, and Technical Officer . . . and Richard is Director, President, and CEO. HousAll "provides the world with a better form of temporary and transitional, all season shelter, because it makes a difference to those in need." The purpose of my contact was to relay a request from Dr. Megan Coffee for HousAll unit(s).

I have now "friended" Richard Mahoney on Facebook, and he commented tonight . . . "I look forward to speaking with Dr. Megan Coffee and seeing if we can help. I have spent a lot of the last year and a half working in Haiti and have been captured by the heart of Haitians."

I am forwarding this information to you, in case you might like to extend an invitation to them to join the MPHISE and/or HEAS.

Contact information for Miles Kennedy and Richard Mahoney

Photo of Miles Kennedy, President Bill Clinton, and Richard Mahoney

Happy New Year,
Kathy Gilbeaux

(see copies of today's correspondence below)


Kathy Gilbeaux January 1 at 8:30pm
To the Management Team at HousAll:

I am forwarding to you a tweet on Jan. 1, 2011 from Dr. Megan Coffee (an infectious disease doctor) working in Port au Prince, Haiti. Dr. Coffee states . . . "So if anyone is able to figure out a way to get HousAll units...that would be great. Weather and rat proof. And moving beyond tents."

Dr. Megan Coffee - http://twitter.com/#!/DokteCoffee

If you have any information for Dr. Coffee you can contact her directly, or I'll try to relay the information to her.

Thank you,
Kathy Gilbeaux
volunteer - Haiti Medical and Public Health Information Sharing Environment (MPHISE)
volunteer - Haiti Epidemic Advisory System (HEAS)

Doctor Coffee
Doctor Coffee - Vital help for TB patients in Haiti


Hi Kathy:

Please give Dr. Coffee my email address at Miles.Kennedy@HousAll.com and I will advise on how to get the HousAll unit in Haiti. HousAll is currently being used in Haiti by Save the Children, PLAN, CARE and Partners in Health.
Cheers and Happy New Year


Kathy Gilbeaux January 2 at 3:46pm
Thank you Mr. Kennedy,

I forwarded your message to Dr. Coffee, and she has already replied to me. If she hasn't already contacted you, she will be soon. I thought you might like to see a CNN video of an interview that Dr. Sanjay Gupta did with Dr. Coffee back on Oct. 30 (click on the link below - she is around the 3:40 mark).


Thanks again, and Happy New Year!

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