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OCHA - Haiti / Cuba - Hurricane Matthew - Situation Report - 7 October 2016 (6 page .PDF report)

Hurricane Matthew Death Toll Passes 800 In Haiti, Cholera Takes Lives

PAHO Responds to Hurricane Matthew Emergency in Caribbean, prepares for cholera upsurge in Haiti

Tropical Weather Outlook

Hurricane Matthew - Update from Vodrey in Cite Soleil

submitted by Sam Bloch

Here is an update from Vodrey specifically and other Cite Soleil updates can be found at,¬if_id=1475556122595715

The zone of Vodrey in Cite Soleil has suffered severe damage. The Grey River breached its banks early this morning, causing massive floods in the area.

UN Rolls Out Aid Package for Cholera-Hit Haiti

Haiti's cholera epidemic started in 2010 and has and killed more than 10,000 people and affected 700,000. AFP/File / by André VIOLLAZ

submitted by Mike Perrett - AFP - by André VIOLLAZ - September 29, 2016

UNITED NATIONS (UNITED STATES) (AFP) - The United Nations will mobilize $181 million to shore up the emergency response to the cholera epidemic in Haiti and at least an equal amount for the victims and their families, a senior UN official says.

The Horror of Zika in Haiti

Claudy (Photo by Karen Bultje) - - by John Carroll, MD - July 6, 2016

Refugee Camps in Anse-a-Pitres (September 19, 2015)

Refugee Camp, Anse-a-Pitres (Photo by John Carroll–September 19, 2015) - by John A. Carroll, MD - September 19, 2015

. . . There is a grave human rights violation occurring on the Haitian-Dominican border right now. People I have visited in the refugee camps just outside of Anse-a-Pitres, Haiti are being treated like animals. Many of these folks have told me that no one cares about them. And they are right.

Disaster, Music and Resilience in Haiti

Outpost - - May 8, 2015

New Orleans musician and Outpost special correspondent Jon Batiste takes us to Haiti to meet (and jam with) the talented young musicians trying to make it despite having no local music industry to speak of. In the years since the devastating earthquake of 2010, music has exploded on the island – Outpost looks at where Haiti’s musicians are headed.


Haiti Communitere - Promo Video - Haiti Communitere (HC) is a Haitian based organization that strives for Haitian and International groups to operate as a community, thus increasing capacity and streamlining logistical operations. HC partners operate in a shared overhead environment, thus allowing their focus of operations to remain project based.

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